About us

Our little son has experienced a second language since the day he was born. We included reading children´s literature in foreign language to him to enhance his bilingual education. Because the avalilabilty and variety of foreign language books in the Czech market has been limited, we have come up with the idea of a multilingual children´s bookshop.

Our intention is to enjoy reading and learing in Czech, English and Spanish together.

  • multilingual books for children between ages 0-14
  • loyalty program PELITOÓ CLUB
  • we read to children in English or Spanish, children read to us


Children`s intellect, vision, attitude, and talents are established during the preschool period … it would be a waste of childrens natural ability ... to pick up second languages, immerse your children in experiences of other languages by talking, reading and singing to them. This way they learn to become bilingual naturally. But the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy it!

Ronald Kotulak, author of the book Inside the Brain